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Land for sale · 670 m²

Opatovice, Vyškov

Price 1 550 Kč per m²
Price note konečná cena

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In an exclusive mandate, we accepted the owner's instruction to offer eleven plots of land in the cadastral territory of Opatovice near Vyškov, plots that are designated as gardens and their location is in the neighborhood of an already existing gardening colony, located between Opatovice and Dědice. The Vyškov City Council discussed the approval of changes to the zoning plan and the land will be classified as land for recreation, to create a horticultural settlement. The registration of the change is planned for this year, but we are coming up with the possibility of buying land now, because gardening is a long-term planned matter and preparations for the new season already begin during the last season. The fact that the plots and their purpose will be classified in this way can be verified by any interested party (a fragment of the decision of the Representative Office is attached, as well as the entire document). There are therefore eleven plots of land with areas of 670, 908, 834, 831, 763, 815, 828, 837, 1026, 1144, 1194 m2. A paved road leads to all the plots, a river flows around the plots, the vegetation of the plots is grass, some plots they are partly overgrown with overgrown trees, but now they are about to be cleared. All plots are flat, they can be fenced immediately, later, after the purpose of the land has been registered, it is possible to build recreational buildings on the land, serving gardening and recreational purposes associated with the activity. Electricity will be introduced to the plots, so their recreational use will be on another level. The offer has the potential to meet clients who often request gardens, preferably near their residence, where they could realize their hobbies, associated with recreation and a certain degree of self-sufficiency of the garden, and at the same time, the real lack of similar plots with the described use, which is in Vyškov, is solved, thanks to occupation of gardens for other purposes, felt and the situation does not promise improvement.


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