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House for sale · Family house · 135 m² · 3 rooms

Opatovice, Vyškov

Price 4 300 000 Kč
Price note konečná cena

translated from Czech

On the unique authority of the owner, we would like to offer a family house with a garden and another building plot in the local part of Vyškov, in Opatovice. The house in a sought-after location, with a layout of 3+1, is in the second half of the intended reconstruction work and is already able to be used for living. However, an unusual interesting feature of the offer is that the owners had the intention to build a new house above the existing building, which did not happen, but the project documents have already been processed, which we are attaching. The house stands under a relatively steep slope, which forms a terraced garden, and it was in one of the terraces that the already mentioned new housing was to be created, which would reward its owner with a beautiful view of the village and its surrounding nature. The existing house is in the second half of the reconstruction, it is connected to all utilities, it is located in a quiet street of the village, the layout is 3+1, there is also a utility room, an above-ground vaulted stone cellar, but what cannot be omitted, there is also the possibility of building a magnificent and alternatively duplex attic, because the clear height of the attic directly encourages this and the area of such an attic would increase the living area of the house by at least another 100 m2. The offer really has several alternatives, from the one when the reconstruction of the existing building is completed, which will have a beautiful, terraced garden situated on the slope with access from the opposite side, along an unpaved road, to the possibility of multi-generational housing, where one part of the family will live in the existing 3+1 house, others can live in the built attic extension and another part of the family will use the new house, built in the garden, on the site where the house was built by the current owners, in their intention. We offer a house with many possibilities of use, it is up to the future owner how to deal with the offered options, in any case there are more alternatives, which is not usual with similar offers, or in technical possibilities. Viewings possible by agreement on the date, we offer effective assistance in optimal financing of the purchase of the subject of this offer.


  • Listing ID: 9358302
  • Date updated: 02.06.2023
  • Available from: 11.12.2023
  • House size: 3 rooms
  • House type: Family house
  • House construction type: Bungalow (one-story house)
  • Furnishings: Partially furnished
  • Building features: Cellar
  • House features: Bathtub, Land plot

Karel Rozsypal

Real estate agent

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