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· 1 755 m²

Heroltice, Hoštice-Heroltice

Price 3 000 Kč
Price note , provize 5000 Kč

translated from Czech

We are coming up with an offer to rent a garden in Hoštice-Heroltice, a place 5 km from Vyškov. It is a flat garden with fruit trees in the number of about 60 pieces, varietal apple, pear and plum trees, the terrain otherwise forms a grassy surface. The plot is 8 meters wide and about 219 m deep and can be easily accessed by a paved road. The owner decided to rent the property mainly because of his distant residence, his idea is that the tenant will be able to carry out his agricultural and recreational activities in the garden, all the proceeds from the activity will be his, only without consulting the owner, he will not cut down trees and take other irreversible measures. At the end of the garden there is a smaller garden house, of the cottage type, which also belongs to this offer, but not separately. The house has a basement, the cellar is used as a fruit store, it has one main room, then one with an entrance to the cellar, there is no electricity supply to it. On the plot there is a well with a pump, which is also used by the owner of the neighboring plot. At the cottage there is also a relaxation zone with the possibility of a fireplace. The landlord's idea is to pay the agreed rent, divided into two half-yearly payments, which is also a matter of agreement. An opportunity for active individuals or families who are looking for a form of active recreation, associated with the production of crops for their own use and conservation, a chance for those who live in an apartment in a housing estate and lack the possibility of active relaxation.


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