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Commercial property for sale · 142 m²

Pitterova, Praha

Price 22 000 000 Kč
Price note Cena: 22 000 000 Kč + DPH, v ceně parkovací místo a sklep

translated from Czech

Sale of a property or a company that owns the property, in a luxury residence. It concerns a property (restaurant operation) with a permanent tenant (VAT payer). A complete reconstruction of the space has been done, including permits for the operation of a restaurant and a social club. The property is suitable for operating a full-fledged restaurant, a social club, or anything else. The price for the sale of the company owning the property or the property itself (the buyer can choose). Included in the sale price are all permits, restaurant equipment, but furniture is not included in the price. It is possible to purchase either with the tenant, who has a lease agreement for 5+5+5 years, or without. The net rent is therefore a 6.6% annual yield. It is also possible to terminate the lease agreement with a 6-month notice period. The tenant would like to stay and rent the property further. This is a great investment offer.

If the buyer is a VAT payer, they have the option to purchase the property under a tax liability transfer regime, meaning they do not pay VAT and the state does not refund VAT to them. If the buyer is not a VAT payer, we recommend buying a limited liability company (s.r.o.).

Commercial space of 142m2, which includes a cellar, one parking space in the underground garage, and 2 terraces of 100m2. It is located on the ground floor, near the main entrance to the residence and close to the reception. This commercial space is fully equipped with quality designer furniture and is fitted with professional electronic appliances. The restaurant has undergone a major renovation with the installation of air conditioning, new windows, doors, a new kitchen, bar, furniture, construction of 2 VIP lounges, etc.

Very advantageous location. It is located in a large residence with 550 above-standard luxury apartments, which means wealthier clientele. It is also surrounded by other apartment buildings. According to the territorial decision, a new large residential quarter for another 3-4 thousand people will be built in the area - this will significantly increase the number of clients. Very low competition in the area - no other large cafes or restaurants.

The restaurant is ready for sale.

Price: 22,000,000 CZK + VAT, including a parking space and a cellar.

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  • Listing ID: 8121039
  • Date updated: 04.01.2024
  • Type: Restaurant, Club
  • Available from: 04.01.2024
  • Condition type: New building

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