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Commercial property for sale · Hotel · 351 m²

Jinonická, Praha

Price 45 000 000 Kč
Price note Cena: 45 000 000 Kč

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ID: SaleHotel

Basic information: Information from the land registry: on the certificate from the register, the company owns the plots: A (131m2), B (573m2), C (437m2).

All properties are owned by the current owner, free from legal or other obligations.

Reason for selling real estate: transfer of company assets to another country.

The sale of the hotel together with the company is being considered. The owners of the company are ready to conduct a full audit and provide certificates of the absence of debts from the state. organs.

Hotel description:

The number of rooms is represented by: 11 rooms (7 doubles, 2 singles with the possibility of extra bed, 1 triple, 1 economy class), located on 3 aboveground floors, 1 underground floor. Average area of a double room: 20m2.

Room equipment: furniture, plasma TVs, air conditioners, ironing presses, hair dryers, air conditioners, safes.

The hotel has a camera surveillance system, fire safety (in all rooms), systematic booking, reporting.

Business development prospects:

An owner-owned hotel has many advantages over other active businesses. This is a real estate in a relatively close to the center of Prague, the price of which is increasing every year. In addition to the hotel, the owner owns 10 acres of land suitable for expanding a business or building his own private house.

Expected growth in the price of commercial real estate in Prague: 30%.
Expected rate of Kč / Euro for 2021 (according to the policy and forecasts of the Czech National Bank): 25.5 Kč per 1 Euro.
Probability of selling active commercial real estate if necessary: 70%.

The parties divide the legal costs of the transaction in half.

How the deal takes place:
1. Signing of the NDA agreement by both parties.
2. Provision of accounting and other documentation to the buyer.
3. Signing an agreement on a future purchase from a notary, transferring a deposit of 500,000 Kč to the account of a lawyer who will carry out the transaction.
4. Signing an agreement on the transfer of real estate / shares in the company to a new owner at a notary. Authorization of the notary to submit all notices to the Commercial Court / Real Estate Cadastre.
5. Transfer of rights to property or shares in a company to a new owner.
6. Payment of the transaction amount to the seller from the lawyer's account after confirmation of the registration of the new owner of the property / new owner of the company is received.
7. Transfer of rights and property to a new owner. Signing of the transfer deed.

Ready for sale

Price: 45 000 000 CZK

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  • Listing ID: 8741916
  • Date updated: 04.01.2024
  • Type: Hotel
  • Available from: 04.01.2024
  • Condition type: Good

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