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Apartment for sale · 2+1 · 59 m²

Štěpničkova, Ostrava

Price 2 999 000 Kč
Price note Konečná cena včetně právního servisu a provize RK.

translated from Czech

On behalf of the owner, we offer a 1/4 share in a family house (built-up area and courtyard 651 m2), Štěpničkova Street, Ostrava-Michálkovice.

The ideal share of 1/4 of a family house consists of:
1. Apartment unit with an area of 59 m2.
2. Garden with an area of 121 m2 plus a front garden and a shed, these are part of 1/4 of the house.
3. Land space with an area of 52 m2.
4. 1/4 of the built-up area and courtyard from a total of: 651 m2.

The main living space consists of a 2+1 apartment unit with a floor area of 59 m2. The apartment is located on the first floor of a brick building. The complex renovation of the apartment includes, in particular, the replacement of windows with high-quality plastic windows, SDK false ceilings with LED lighting in all main rooms and bathrooms, stucco plastering, high-quality painting, electrical wiring in copper throughout the apartment, water and waste pipes in plastic, installation of a corner kitchen. lines with LED backlight. The floating floors in the rooms are partially covered with carpets, ceramic tiles in the bathroom. The bathroom with modern ceramic tiles has a shower corner with a screen, a sink on a DTL cabinet, a mirror above the sink. The toilet is located in a separate room with entrance from the hall. There is an entrance to the tech from the kitchen. room approx. 3 m2 with el. boiler 120 L intended for heating hot water. Additional storage space in the apartment is offered by a spacious wardrobe in the bedroom (5.55 m2). The windows of the apartment face two sides of the world. The apartment is heated by a fireplace stove (lined chimney with revision) used as the main source of heat, as a backup source of electricity. direct heaters. The sale also includes a cellar cubicle with an area of approx. 30 m2 and an attic area of 59 m2.

Another main integral part of the sale is a grassy garden with an area of 121 m2 with an outbuilding and garden seating.

The main advantages of the offer:
1. Comprehensively renovated main living area.
2. Garden next to the house, forest behind the house.
3. Superior storage facilities
4. Low housing costs (heating with fireplace stoves).
5. The possibility of renovating the attic above the apartment and thus significantly expanding the living space.

The apartment is ready for moving in according to the agreement.

The house itself is located in a quiet suburban development in the neighborhood of a forest. Close to the house are public transport bus and trolleybus stops, shops, restaurants and practically all civic amenities (health center, offices, general practitioner, school, kindergarten, cultural life). Very pleasant living in a quiet part of the village with trouble-free neighbors. The certificate of energy efficiency is not currently available, therefore we advertise energy class G. If you are interested, we will arrange financing for new housing at favorable interest rates. For a tour of the apartment and more information, contact our broker. We look forward to your visit.


  • Listing ID: 9530605
  • Date updated: 13.03.2024
  • Available from: 13.03.2024
  • Floor: 1 floor
  • Apartment layout: 2+1
  • Apartment type: Standard
  • Furnishings: Without furniture
  • Ownership type: Private
  • Condition type: Good
  • Apartment features: Shower cabin

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